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Today, security is at the heart of all organisations. People and the technical information they use to improve productivity and efficiency, are constantly connected online and are available everywhere. However, as industrial activities become more connected, the inherent implications of security risks are often overlooked.

For the protection of physical assets such as infrastructure and equipment, a comprehensive plan that incorporates physical and material safety and security is vital. At Atom Group we provide integrated services for the creation, implementation and support of strategic safety and security plans. We help organisations plan and carry out studies for important facilities, building complexes and infrastructures with an expandable, durable, and compliant design that reflects the operational needs of the facility or entity.

Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning professionals undertake the study, design, and creation of special Security Plans of your facility and/or infrastructure, before the initial stage of construction, reconstruction or upgrade, in order to avoid and prevent risks, emergencies or natural disasters. We focus on protecting your human resources and minimising the cost of maintaining high levels of security.
Project Implementation & Development
The Project Implementation & Development team, in implementing special security plans, proceeds with the construction, transfer, repair or upgrade of your infrastructure, in order to build and maintain long-term, high levels of security, both for your facilities and for human resources.
Support & Technological Equipment
The Support and Technological Equipment Team manages daily the physical and material safety and security of your infrastructure, provides technical assistance and manages risk threats. All these tasks take place through models of acquisition, evaluation and analysis of information and failures, in order to prevent and manage incidents directly. Comprehensive training of your human resources to deal with emergencies can also be handled by our team.
Service Market
Security design and consulting at archaeological sites
Technical safety integrated from the design to the construction of buildings
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