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Physical assets’ performance defines the performance of the company. Atom Group’s Asset Integrity Management Systems (AIMS) ensure the ability of an asset to perform its required function effectively and efficiently for its entire life cycle while protecting health, safety, and the environment.

The Inspection, Repair and Maintenance solutions are implemented at a technical level through our subsidiary Newtron Technologies S.A., ensuring the integrity and reliability of your physical assets and maximising their operational performance.

Atom Group’s concern is to ensure that the equipment is properly designed, installed according to specifications, and remains suitable for use until its disposal.

Inspection Management
Inspection plays a vital role in any Asset Integrity Management program. We develop and execute inspection programs based on the Asset Integrity strategy you follow and the Maintenance programs that have been developed.

We develop inspection standards customised to your physical assets and then implement them through advanced technological testing. We create a complete and up-to-date Risk Based Assessment and highlight the condition of your physical assets.

Inspection Data
Throughout a day, huge amounts of data are generated from each physical asset, e.g., in an average facility data includes information such as pressure, flow, or conditions of various pieces of equipment, such as piping, valves and pressure vessels. The proper collection and management of this data are paramount to effective Asset Integrity Management programs, for easy archiving, constant access, and holistic analysis.

In the context of Inspection Management, we ensure that information and data needed to focus efforts on value-added intervention are collected and evaluated. We combine historical data with real-time data. Analysing this data combination offers many benefits and helps ensure optimal functionality and profitability.
Mechanical Evaluation, Analysis & Design
Atom Group offers independent design verification and specifications conformity, ensures compliance with project requirements and international industry standards, conducts inspections, evaluates the remaining life of an infrastructure, recalibrates and implements all necessary actions for most of the heavy equipment found in the oil and gas, power generation and mining industries.

We provide engineering assessment solutions to our customers, enabling them to reduce inspection costs and avoid or delay costly repairs, while ensuring the continued operation of critical equipment such as pipes, pressure vessels, storage tanks, piping systems, structures etc. Through our independent engineering solutions, our expert consultants provide support in all phases of an asset’s life cycle, from design to decommissioning.
Independent Technical Support
Using a team of experts to analyse and address a complex yet frequent technical issue encountered in the Oil and Gas, Electricity and other industries, is a major undertaking. These (human) resources are often limited ιn most businesses for reasons such as financial pressures, lack of relevant technical knowledge base or available competent staff in the market.

At Atom Group we have a team of experienced business and technical staff who are fully acquainted with the latest technologies, codes and standards. We integrate Newtron's technical service team with that of the customer’s to ensure the efficiency of our services covering all operational requirements.
Service Market
Safe and reliable operation of oil tanks,
in storage facilities
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