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Asset Planning
& Consulting

Atom Group, through its Asset Planning & Consulting Services, offers advisory and all the tools and data necessary to enable you to manage the future of your own physical asset.

We know that an integrated, feasible strategy lays the groundwork for successful solutions. Therefore, we look at all the factors affecting each project – technological, scientific, economic. We firmly believe that decisions should be based on reliable and accurate data, whenever possible, and on the unique variables and needs that your project requires.

Atom Group’s approach includes a framework of integration and cooperation. We have the resources, at company level and through industry partners, to expand our team with all the necessary specialists, to ensure a strong and inclusive process.


Strategic Planning Advisory
Through the Strategic Planning Advisory service, we can map and evaluate your physical asset’s current state and together we can structure your corporate Physical Asset Management Strategy. In addition, we develop Physical Asset Management plans, which provide the roadmap for achieving value from your asset by optimising cost, risk and performance over its life cycle. We define the implementation activities that are necessary to achieve your organisation's asset management goals.
Condition Assessment
Condition Assessment serves as the core of a sound infrastructure management program. This service identifies the condition of your physical assets and helps you collect data to optimize the maintenance strategies you will need to implement. Objectives include protecting public health and safety, extending an asset’s life cycle, reducing the frequency of damages, and saving expenditure.
Emergency Management
A natural disaster outbreak, such as floods, earthquakes, fires and cyclones, all pose significant risks to the integrity of your physical assets. Our mission is to provide you with our services in such moments of need. We undertake projects from design to reconstruction and for every subsequent step in the process.
In cases of crisis, that affects your physical asset, a pre-planned action strategy and knowing who to call, are the key factors that will make your asset’s recovery as fast and smooth as possible. Atom Group, as part of its asset management contracts, offers a 24/7 emergency telephone line, which operates 365 days a year.

Predictive Data-Based Analyses
Our goal is to make data comprehensive, to draw conclusions from its analysis and to enable actions to be taken. We create data-driven databases, quantitative and qualitative, for effective planning and decision making. We do this by using resourceful methods and building flexible models tailored to the unique situation of each client. We model our customer’s demand and his ability to meet this demand, with flexibility and adaptability, in order to take into account a wide range of market situations and strategic scenarios.
Service Market
Assessment of power transmission pylons and transformers
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