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Asset Procurement is the key to ensuring smooth delivery of equipment, supplier performance and overall project success. It includes management activities pertaining to all materials, and inspections performed at each stage of procurement for all types of equipment at the manufacturer’s premises before a consignment leaves for delivery. 

Atom Group has third-party inspection teams that can travel around the world to provide high-quality solutions for supplier monitoring. We ensure the timely and on-budget delivery of reliable safe equipment according to the customer’s technical specifications and the acceptable agreed standards for new constructions or upgrades. Our professionals have experience in many types of critical assets and perform all required actions before, during, and after production.

We provide supervision and inspection services in the production area, ensuring that the final product is functional, reliable and performs as expected. An essential part of your supply chain management strategy.

Supplier Technical Assessment
Before proceeding with the initial purchase order, we carry out a supplier’s inspection. This inspection assures you that the seller will comply with purchase orders and specification requirements in a timely manner and to the highest standards.
Materials Management
Availability of materials is vital to avoid delays, as the cost of a lost production day is significant. Materials Management is the set of necessary activities that take place to ensure that materials will be delivered correctly and on time by the producer-manufacturer to the customer. This set of activities includes materials design requirements, materials control, checks prior to purchase orders release, verification of transportation and storage conditions when required and, where necessary, as well as materials identification in the disposal of unused or obsolete materials.
Materials Control
Production process inspection includes raw material inspection, material traceability inspection, welding inspection, non-destructive testing, dimensional inspection, coating inspection, packaging inspection and any other tasks that ensure quality control and compliance with safety standards.
Expediting aims at the timely identification of issues by controlling the progress of manufacturing at the supplier’s site, with regards to quality, packing, conformity with standards and set timelines. Atom Group makes sure that the manufacturing company will provide technical documents and the goods at the appointed date in the agreed quality at the agreed location, meeting all requirements of construction design.
Pre-Delivery Inspections
Full pre-shipment inspection before final shipment as per customer requirement.
Service Market
Delivery of materials and equipment according to the requirements
of the purchase orders in the construction of Navy ships.
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