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Asset Development
& Project Delivery

Asset management is interrelated with project and program management and project delivery. With our deep knowledge of asset management, experience in project & program management and technically trained Asset management teams,we at Atom Group can provide project methods and programs completion, which can help you implement the most suitable one to meet your needs. How;

While keeping budget, timing and quality stable, we carefully examine alternative parameters to determine the best delivery method, evaluating scenarios which include: funding – construction design – construction (ready-to-deliver), funding – construction design – construction – financing leasing (development), funding – construction study – construction – resale (investment), funding – construction study – construction – exploitation (privatisation).

Each option has strengths and weaknesses. Our company does not only focus on the strengths but also makes sure to eliminate the weaknesses and/or prepares for potential obstacles to success. We consider the best tools and practices for:

  • Accelerating project completion
  • Improving project cost management
  • Reducing risks and differences
  • Enhancing team coordination and innovation
  • Increasing project quality
Construction Management & Inspection
Our company's construction management teams have the advanced resources and tools to effectively manage your project. Critical-path planning specialists are involved and cost estimation data, along with cloud-based document control systems are used to monitor and manage the timely delivery of quality work while minimising risk. We understand the functional needs to deliver your completed project.

Our staff has experience in project construction and inspection and in all engineering fields and works. A competent and thorough control inspection is one of the most important elements for achieving a quality construction project. Proper inspection requires not only technical expertise and knowledge of materials and procedures to be used, but also good judgment, diplomacy and communication skills.

As your "eyes and ears" on a project, Atom Group's staff work diligently to complete the assigned projects in strict compliance with the agreed contractual obligations.

Data Acquisition
Our professionals use the latest technologies for aerial and ground construction sites. We offer in-house capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) and when needed, we partner with service providers. In addition to drones, the LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) technique -a remote sensing method used to examine the surface of the Earth- enables us to carry out accurate, precise surveying.

Additionally, we use portable GPS, image processing and non-destructive testing technologies. We collect data over large areas, such as transport corridors and utility networks, and within building systems. The results: high-resolution imaging and unique 3D models, which provide all necessary accurate data to enable you to make informed decisions on an asset’s efficiency.
Owner's Representation
As an owner’s representative, we serve as your authorised independent advisor throughout the duration of a development project. We act as an independent 3rd party, increasing your staff with experts in the field, whose mission is to manage any work required for the development of a project, from concept to completion.

By supervising complex contract negotiations and strictly managing the schedule, the project scope, the subcontractors, the mandate changes, and overall project controls, we assist our clients in making significant cost and risk reductions.
Project Controls
Successful projects are completed on time and on budget, and strong project control tools and procedures are essential to achieving results. Our project audit team focuses on all stages of the project’s life cycle, from initiation and design to execution, inspection, and eventual disposal. Our goal is to prevent, reduce or correct problems before they happen.
Public-Private Partnership
We can be the intersecting point in public-private partnership (PPPs) contracts for the execution of infrastructure projects, achieving synergies from the integration of design, construction, and operation of a project.
Service Market
Safeguarding that all systems and components
of an infrastructure or building have been installed, tested,
operate and are maintained according to a construction.
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