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Do you use resources to deliver value and achieve defensive goals?

Why does the proper maintenance and upgrading of physical assets in the Defense and Security sectors urgently need to be the main goal of their management?

What does a harmonised physical and technical safety plan offer to the smooth operation of your physical assets?

Physical asset management, in recent years, is globally growing in Defence, including the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and the Submarine Delivery Agency (SDA) in the UK, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Air Force and the Department of Defence (DoD) in Australia. In Greece, at present, the vision of a systematic approach to the management of physical assets and infrastructure has emerged timidly, although notable military bases of strategic importance are scattered in almost every region of the country, especially in remote areas. In addition, Army, Navy and Air Force military bases are places where people in the armed forces can live, work, train and be trained effectively.

The industry’s infrastructure and equipment must therefore be fit for purpose, agile, flexible, optimally operational and responsive to changing defence requirements, as they support broader national defence objectives and the country’s commitment to encouraging broader stability and social cohesion.

The same requirements apply in the field of Security, in terms of physical and technical safety. Security systems are now a key part of modern installations and infrastructure, and often it is necessary to interact with other subsystems to perform their complete operation. Managing them properly to minimise O&M problems and costs is crucial.

Atom Group has at its disposal a team of experts, scientists and technicians, with specialised training and long-standing experience and can contribute to:

  • Improving the operational availability of defence physical assets
  • Deploying wisely defence investment funds
  • Linking the defence strategy with the effective use of assets
  • Documenting asset management decisions through adequate data, audits and inspections
  • Determining clearly the Total Cost of Property (TCO) of defence physical assets

In addition, in critical areas, Atom Group harmonises physical and technical safety into a comprehensive plan, which evolves from planning, construction, and system acceptance testing to commencement and day-to-day operations.

We help organisations plan and design studies for important facilities, building complexes and infrastructure, that result in an expandable, durable and efficient system, which in turn reflects the operational needs of the facility, uses less space, energy and human resources to operate and aims to significantly reduce downtime.

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