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Are you facing growing demands and expectations regarding the integrity of your fleet?

Are you wondering how to optimise the O&M cost of your ships or facilities?

Can PAM be a step towards a carbon-neutral industry?

The shipping industry is a branch with large capital intensity for Greece. According to the Union of Greek Shipowners annual report 2020 – 2021, Greece is included in the top five shipping countries in the world.

Ships are highly sophisticated assets and the most essential part of the industry. Their overall life cycle management is the key to the performance of the entire fleet. For a ship to be able to leave port safely and on time makes the difference between a profitable voyage or a loss. Therefore, managing the value of ship performance is asset management in its most essential form.

Traditionally, intense competition in the industry has led management to focus on reducing production, operation, and maintenance costs. Changing the focus, with an emphasis on life cycle cost optimisation, could lead to competitive advantages and provide new business opportunities.

At the same time, with the global decarbonisation strategy, there is a huge challenge to progress towards a transformed maritime shipping sector by 2050 according to the regulations that will come into force soon. Compared to conventional ones, alternative fuels have properties that pose new and specific safety challenges, which in turn, means that new understanding and different safety systems and functions are required.

Atom Group, through inspection, repair and maintenance services, surveillance technologies and remote systems as well as testing and engineering capabilities, supports the long-term safety and integrity of small vessels up to the maintenance of the entire fleet, throughout its life cycle management.

The available technologies combined with the overall management of facilities such as shipyards and ports, and related equipment, enable our customers, in the shipping industry, to operate safely and efficiently, with better performance, reduced costs and lower pollutant emissions.

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