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What are the main challenges in your field concerning the management of O&G physical assets or infrastructure?

Are you looking for the next step in maximising their performance and value?

Why should asset integrity be at the heart of your physical asset management strategy?

Physical Asset Management is becoming a critical aspect of operations management, especially in the Oil & Gas (O&G) sector. The biggest challenge that organisations face in the field, is the ability to implement effective maintenance, repairs and general operations (maintenance, repairs and operations: MRO) while reducing operating and fixed costs.

Lessons learned from past asset management failures have raised the awareness and importance of Physical Asset Management [PAM]. The latter is becoming increasingly critical in the O&G industry, partly due to the potential, non-reversible environmental damage.

O&G companies need to take a much more coordinated approach to the long-term maintenance of their own physical assets such as pipelines, tanks and associated facilities and equipment, to ensure their integrity and, consequently, the continued operation of the business in all cases. The efficiency and effectiveness of PAM help to achieve and increase business profitability, but also to maintain competitiveness.

Atom Group undertakes the management and integrity inspection of any O&G physical asset to help reduce costs and downtime while increasing production and efficiency.

Service Market
Safe and reliable operation of oil tanks,
in storage facilities
Testing of static equipment in operation with analytical, metallurgical
and non-destructive methods
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