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Climate change and sustainability have become two of the most important topics in conference rooms, conventions and especially as part of the business challenges companies face.

The next decade will see climate change at the heart of all organisations, as investor preferences change and regulatory pressure for businesses -to share more information on how they affect the climate agenda- is growing. Sustainability is the concept of using natural resources in a way and at a rate that maintains and enhances the resilience of ecosystems and the benefits they provide.

The integration of environmental approaches by Atom Group in ongoing asset management projects is based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the environment-related targets and aims to improve the measurable and tangible performance of a physical asset.


Net Metering
Net Metering enables, a company or an individual, to generate its own electricity, for its own use, through photovoltaic systems according to the legislation in Greece, and through the implementation of energy offset.

Atom Group, with its knowledge of the value that proper management of a physical asset can bring, is the right partner in the development of Net Metering solutions. We develop energy management systems, and as a first step we study and then propose an energy production system using Renewable Energy Sources [RES] adapted to your needs. This is followed by its financial analysis, whether it concerns a residential building or an industrial infrastructure. At a subsequent stage, Atom Group can supply and install the appropriate combination of net metering equipment, based on the needs of your infrastructure, and can also provide a smooth operation guarantee through a maintenance contract.

Proper management of your physical asset, with Net Metering systems, can result in amortisation of energy costs in a few years, improvement of your environmental and energy footprint, energy upgrade of your infrastructure and ultimately the consequent value increase of your physical asset.
Waste Heat Recovery & Reuse
Many manufacturing and processing industries, for example, metals or plastics, emit significant amounts of hot exhaust gases or have large quantities of high-temperature solid by-products. In fact, this waste usually requires additional resources to cool with water. Both generated wastes remain a large and mostly untapped source for either cogeneration of electricity or steam generation.

Atom Group can study and develop projects that will capture the released thermal energy on the flow chart of your own production process, making it then usable. Such investments, in addition to significantly reducing operating costs from the outset, usually show very short depreciation and are a key criterion for eligibility in Green Transition subsidy schemes.
Energy Efficiency
An asset’s energy performance and requirement, current and future ones, are significant factors to calculate with regards to its efficiency. In addition, the cost of ever-increasing electricity plays a key role in the viability of businesses and organisations.

Atom Group develops an integrated energy efficiency strategy and proposes solutions for new energy management systems, tailored to your own physical asset, which take full advantage of Renewable Energy Sources.

With our Energy Efficiency services, we conduct facility optimisation audits to identify where value and savings may be available by reducing consumption. Based on your energy goals, resources and budget, we design and implement energy cogeneration solutions through RES, allowing you to achieve not only the desired savings but also the legally required environmental goals.
Smart Data Acquisition
An "environmental map" can take many forms, starting with capturing data through tools such as thermal cameras, drones, smart monitoring & sensoring, then identifying all the environmental challenges and defining opportunities to address these issues.
Service Market
Innovation, functionality and maintenance in street lighting, for a safe and sustainable environment.
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