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What does it mean to adopt a more comprehensive environmental, economic and socio-political approach to building management?

Do your current systems make it difficult to understand the condition of your assets?

Do you need a clearer understanding of maintenance requirements for investment and financing decisions?

The philosophy of Building & Facilities [B&F] Management is vital to achieving maximum value from the workplace and environmental benefits that improve productivity and protect workers and consumers. Therefore, it is essential to go beyond cost reduction strategies and apply a holistic asset management methodology to create truly long-term value in an organisation.

As, in recent years, decarbonisation initiatives have gained momentum in the B&F sector, manufacturers can benefit from this growing trend — but only if they view the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) set of standards as a strategic opportunity and work with other stakeholders in the ecosystem towards that goal.

As a more comprehensive approach is required, Atom Group helps its customers rediscover how they operate, invest, and plan their B&F Management strategy. Whether you are a builder or engineer specialising in the construction of large or small buildings and facilities, or you are the manager of such a physical asset and you are looking for solutions based on data, inspections and planning incorporating new environmental approaches, our specialised teams can help you achieve your goals.

Atom Group has a team of experts, scientists, and technicians, with specialised training and long-standing experience that can help you accelerate digital innovation, transform cost structures, rediscover your manufacturing capabilities and bring greater resilience to your supply chains and schedules. We can help you cover not only the steps required, but also create a clear “business case study” to justify and communicate the results, so that everyone can agree on what is worth doing, when and why.

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Technical safety integrated from the design to the construction of buildings
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