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Every company needs to know the total cost of its assets, including CapEx and OpEx, as well as the risks associated with managing them and the value they can bring.

Atom Group offers effective solutions for the management and valuation of physical assets. In addition, the Financial Management of Physical Assets guides the effective management of Operation and Maintenance costs [O&M] without sacrificing quality or reliability. Physical assets are costly to maintain and operate, yet they are the most critical part of business infrastructure. Buildings, machinery, production lines, equipment, maintenance and technology may be the biggest costs of a company but without them, there is no business.

At Atom Group, with in-depth knowledge of PAM, we provide the tools to facilitate an organised and flexible approach to asset financial management, including procurement management, investment strategy development, budget control, cost reduction, asset amortisation.

Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
LCCA is a process of evaluating the financial performance of a facility or infrastructure over its entire lifetime. Sometimes referred to as "total cost accounting" or "total cost of ownership", the LCCA balances the initial monetary investment with the long-term cost of ownership and operating expenses. Following the initial stage of design, Atom Group will consider all the assumptions that have emerged and from them will form different scenarios based on operating costs, maintenance costs and more.
These scenarios are comparable and thus the LCCA is especially useful when these alternatives fulfill the same performance requirements but differ with respect to initial costs and operating costs and make it easier to select the one that maximizes net savings. In addition, it determines how long it will take for each of these scenarios to cover their incremental costs.
Cost Management
Cost Management in physical assets is the acquisition, allocation, and management of resources such as technology, materials, machinery and physical resources required for a
project. Resource management by Atom Group ensures that internal and external resources are used effectively on time and on budget.
Having a full understanding and transparency of asset-related costs, you can make informed decisions, while being able to identify savings related to Buildings, Services Utilities, Facilities, Maintenance, Personnel, Cleaning, Security Inspections, Statutory Inspections and Controls, Network Upgrades, as well as Heating / Cooling among others.
Statistics & Data Analysis
Data Analysis has transformed the way industries operate around the world. At Atom Group, through the data obtained from a variety of technology applications related to the controls and inspections of physical assets, we can provide information to make decisions, design better work structures and, in general, make the best use of investments in infrastructure and equipment.
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