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Does your daily business involve the construction, repair, maintenance of transport network elements such as infrastructure or vehicles?

Do you need a clearer understanding of maintenance requirements before making investment and financing decisions?

Are you looking for upgrades through services ranging from scheduling, upgrading, maintenance to final acceptance?

Soon, changes in the transport sector will be inevitable, and a key reason is that the existing infrastructure, built after the last World War, bears strong signs of ageing and has surpassed its limits, both in function and capacity.

Hence a great challenge awaits state authorities, transport authorities and operators. A reliable infrastructure is necessary for the smooth and seamless interoperability of transport connections throughout the network. It is therefore important that all parties involved in investment, procurement and purchases are aware of the current technical condition, the technical requirements needed for moving forward, and the value of such infrastructure.

Construction supervision and monitoring through preventive and forecasting maintenance, inspections and testing ensure the value of an asset and anything that can be put into operation on schedule. At the same time, maximum security and quality in the infrastructure elements protect an organisation from warranty claims (compensations).

Whether you represent the local government or a private company in the sector, you are aware that security regulations apply to all transport networks. From the development to the construction phase of a project, Atom Group helps you ensure that your project is safe and complies with local and international standards.

Atom Group undertakes the inspection and evaluation of the condition of your transportation assets as well as their subsequent valuation, so that you make correct investment-, maintenance-, or upgrade-decisions. In terms of technical support, our specialists offer a complete range of services, where and when required, during the operational phase of your transport asset.


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Consistent and uniform methods of inspection and documentation
of bridges' structural condition on a national scale
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