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SERVICES _ Asset Operations & Maintenance Management
Asset Operations
& Maintenance Management

An effective Asset Operations & Maintenance Management program, that will promote safety and efficiency and reduce operating costs in the long term, relies upon the combination of the technical services and the available data for a specific project in each and every business plan.

With global trends impacting also local dynamics, we help you make the most of your assets and resources through Asset Operations & Maintenance Management.

Through this service we develop a program of O&M procedures to be followed by an organisation, that will optimise the performance of its physical assets and thus contribute to the achievement of its business goals. A program that includes all the instructions to the operators within the framework of design, maintenance, and operation. To achieve this, in addition to the instructions – training is required.




Continuous Operational Support
In addition to industrial facilities maintenance, we also support our customers throughout their continuous operation. This support is mainly carried out by mobile and flexible, independent technical units that monitor, on-site, the smooth operation of our customer's industrial facility. Through these units, we can monitor their performance, make the necessary modifications, and take care of their repair and maintenance.
Data Use
It's not just about collecting the right data. Equally essential is the implementation. We focus on organising, analysing and using data effectively to suggest solutions to O&M needs, so you can make better decisions, both short-term and long-term.
Integrated Inspection Services
To ensure that a physical asset operates safely, efficiently and in compliance with regulations at every stage of its life cycle, it must be regularly monitored and inspected. Through our corporate member, Newtron Technologies S.A., we ensure the continued integrity of your physical assets and optimize the performance of your facilities through our independent and integrated inspection services.

With our multidisciplinary experts, we can support our customers in all inspection requirements, at every stage of their facility’s life cycle, from construction, routine on-site inspection to decommissioning. Our teams, many of which are also trained in industrial rope access, enable us to access even remote locations.
Preventive maintenance
A scheduled and regular maintenance plan is a smart investment, which brings multiple benefits by reducing overall maintenance costs, increasing system uptime, and improving control system productivity. Atom Group offers multiple services to meet these needs. Our preventive maintenance contracts may vary according to the asset’s needs and are available on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis.
Predictive Maintenance
Unlike preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance is performed as and when required, based on the collection and analysis of data of an equipment’s operation. It is therefore done in real-time with the aim of identifying problems at an early stage - while the machine is in operation- and before they become critical with the consequence of stopping production. If a shutdown is required, it will be shorter and more targeted.

Now, with the use of built-in IoT sensors in physical assets, continuous real-time data collection can be performed, which is then transmitted to a cloud platform for evaluation, analysis and forecasting. This way issues are identified ahead and are resolved, reducing operating costs. This becomes proof of the value of this service.
Repair & Troubleshooting
Also known as Corrective maintenance (CM), this service involves replacing or repairing equipment after a fault. In the event of a possible equipment failure, CM identifies the source of the error and rectifies the fault so that the equipment can be repaired, and the production process resumed. CM work is an immediate priority and is implemented with absolute flexibility by Newtron’s team so that any safety- or production-related issues are addressed with high priority.
Service Market
Consistent and uniform methods of inspection and documentation
of bridges' structural condition on a national scale
Testing of static equipment in operation
with analytical, metallurgical and non-destructive methods
Operational readiness of power stations
& electricity distribution systems
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